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    Firearms Training Classes Near Pittsburgh

    Build onto your existing skills or learn new ones with gun training classes from Keystone Shooting Center. We're a world-class indoor gun range and firearms superstore equipped to provide you with unique training you won't find anywhere else. Choose from numerous firearms training classes or one-on-one instruction for a thrilling experience to meet your needs.

    Gun Training Classes

    As one of the nation's top shooting destinations, we offer a wide array of courses designed for shooters with any experience level and interests. Our shooting course selection includes:

    • Basic Carbine: Experience the thrill of firing an AR-15 in a safe training environment. You'll learn about the rifle's basic components and how to shoot it accurately.
    • Basic Handgun: If you're a first-time or beginning handgun shooter, learn the basics from the professionals at Keystone Shooting Center. You'll receive both classroom instruction and hands-on range time.
    • Defensive Handgun: Review firearms safety, legal self-defense basics, open and concealed carry, malfunctions and more with this intermediate-level defensive course.
    • Gun Cleaning Essentials: A clean gun will last longer and perform better. Ensure its cleanliness as you learn to break down your firearm and choose the best tools for safe and thorough cleaning.
    • Ladies Only Basic Handgun: This women-only version of our Basic Handgun course teaches beginning shooters proper handling and shooting of their firearm.
    • Multistate Concealed Carry: Carry and transport your gun in up to 37 states with this certification class, which teaches you the basics of firearm safety, carrying and self-defense laws across various states.
    • Retired Law Enforcement Officer's Safety Act Qualification: Retired law enforcement officers in PA can receive their annual firearms qualifications during this certification course.
    • Situational Comprehension: Preparing for times of crisis is essential for anyone. Understand self-defense laws, develop a plan of action and avoid dangerous situations using the tools learned during this instruction.
    • Stop the Bleed: Blood loss is the leading cause of preventable death. Learn how to control bleeding quickly and effectively to save lives in a high-casualty situation.
    • Tactical Low Light Handgun: Shooting in low-light conditions can bring an added challenge. With this class, you'll learn to shoot in low light using various light systems.
    • Youth Rifle: Introduce your 10- to 16-year-old to safe shooting habits with this classroom and hands-on course.

    We also offer special instruction and seasonal courses. Check out our shooting classes page to see what's currently available, as well as pricing information.

    One-on-One Firearm Instruction Courses

    Along with classroom instruction, we offer individual training courses for your convenience. These one-hour classes focus on safe, effective shooting based on your unique needs and learning style. Even experienced shooters will learn new techniques on how to improve their stance, control, grip and overall accuracy.

    You can reserve personalized instruction for either yourself or your small group. We accommodate one-on-one or private group training to your experience level, interests and comfort at the range.

    View our
    private firearms training page for pricing information.

    Why Take a Shooting Traning Course With Keystone Shooting Center?

    Whether you've never shot a gun before or you've been shooting for years, anyone can enjoy the advantages of group gun training classes and private instruction. When you take a firearm instruction course with Keystone Shooting Center, you'll receive benefits such as:

    Expert Guidance:
    Our veteran-owned and -operated facility employs instructors with years of experience shooting various types of firearms. Each has expert insights into the shooting sports and the training needed to give you these insights effectively. We strive to operate a friendly, service-oriented environment, so you can feel free to ask us any questions you might have throughout your training for the best possible experience.

    Increased Knowledge:
    Even experienced shooters always have something more to learn about their firearms. Through our range of training courses and private instruction, you'll receive a more in-depth look into the inner workings of your weapon, as well as how to use your particular gun the most effectively.

    You never know when a crisis will strike. Courses such as our Situational Comprehension and Defensive Handgun classes prepare you with the legal knowledge and hands-on experience you need to defend yourself in an emergency like an active shooter scenario or home robbery.

    Spending time with people who share your passion for the shooting sports is just plain fun. Dedicated firearm instruction courses give you a chance to meet new people in the Pittsburgh area with the same experience level who love shooting as much as you do.

    If You Need The Best Firearms Training In The Country, Look No Further Than Keystone Shooting Center. We Are Your Firearms And Shooting Class Headquarters.

    Click below to explore either class format or private one on one firearms training. To learn more about our courses or facility, feel free to
    contact us online or by phone at (412) 357-8000.

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