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Membership is NOT required to shoot.

  • 1 Hour Lane Rental: $25.00
  • 2nd Shooter/Same lane: $15.00
  • Hearing Protection Rental: $3.00
  • Eye Protection Purchase: $2.00
  • Standard Firearm Rental: $12.50
  • Premium Firearm Rental: $20.00
  • 1 Automatic Weapon Rental (50 rounds included): $59.99 (Excludes SAW)
  • 2 Automatic Weapon Rentals (50 rounds per weapon included): $109.99 (Excluding SAW)
  • 3 Automatic Weapon Rentals (50 Rounds per weapon included): $149.99 (Including SAW)
  • FN M249 Squad Automatic Weapon Rental (SAW) (50 round belt included): $79.99
  • 1 Hour TI Gunfighter Shooting Simulator Rental: $49.99/$15.00 for each additional shooter up to 4 shooters.
  • 1/2 Hour TI Gunfighter Shooting Simulator Rental: $29.99/$10.00 for each additional shooter up to 4 shooters.
  • FFL Transfers: $45.00
  • Gun Cleaning: $25.00 per standard pistol
  • Sonic Gun Cleaning: $45.00 per Firearm

*Ammunition purchased at Keystone Shooting Center must be used in all rental firearms

Keystone Shooting Center

Membership is NOT required to shoot.


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Great place to shoot your own gun or try a new one from their selection of rentable firearms(including fully automatic weapons). They have a very nice range and a couple rentable party rooms. Huge selection of pistols, rifles, knives and attachments and accessories for all. I will definately be returning with my friends. This was one of the first ranges in the area I chose to go to and I seems like this may be the only one I will be going to in the future. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Austin P.

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