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  • Act responsibly at all times.
  • If you observe any unsafe conditions, please report them to a Range Safety Officer immediately.
  • Any firearm not carried concealed, must be transported in a case or bag to and from the range.
  • Eye and Ear protection is mandatory for anyone entering the range.
  • Only two people are permitted per shooting station.
  • Firearms will only be uncased or removed from the holster within the shooting booth area. Only load and unload all weapons at the bench.
  • Handle and treat all firearms as if they were loaded. Keep your finger off of the trigger and outside the trigger guard until ready to shoot.
  • Keep all firearms pointed downrange and in a safe direction at all times.
  • No shooter is allowed forward of the firing line FOR ANY REASON.
  • Rapid fire is prohibited unless approved in advance by the Range Safety Officer.
  • No tracer, incendiary, steel cored or penetrating ammo
  • Shooters who desire to shoot from the holster must be holster qualified through Keystone Shooting Center instructors.
  • Upon the command CEASE FIRE, stop all shooting immediately, put down your firearm and back away from the firing line. Wait until an ALL CLEAR from the Range Safety Officer is given to return to the firing line.
  • Never consume alcohol or take drugs before or while shooting.
  • Food, drink, gum or any tobacco product is not permitted inside the range
  • You must be 21 to rent or possess a firearm at Keystone Shooting Center.
  •  Pregnant women are not allowed on the range.
  • Wear appropriate clothing, closed toe shoes (required) and pants are recommended, no low cut tops


The absolute best place to buy and shoot guns in the wider Pittsburgh area. This place is light years ahead from any other gun store. The level of service is impeccable, employees will get out of their way to help and accommodate, and the facilities are 5 star hotel equivalent. There is always an experienced employee supervising all three shooting ranges and they are there to assist in case of a jam or malfunction. This is really a place we are fortunate to have in the area. I now have a membership and recently had a 1-1 class with Mike helping me with my technique. He was unbelievably helpful and cordial. This is a 5 star place.

Felix M.

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