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Do I Have To Be A Member?

No!  Our facility is open to everyone, although there are certain advantages to becoming a member. If you aren’t a member you are able to walk in and shoot for an hourly lane fee.

Can I Use My Own Ammo?

Of course you can, although we have very competitive pricing on ammo.  Due to liability issues (legal requirement) you will have to use our ammo if you rent a firearm from us. Our range rules will specify what ammo types are safe for use on our range.  We aren’t overly restrictive but all steel cored, steel jacketed, armor penetrating or incendiary ammo isn’t allowed.

Are You Hiring?

Yes.  Please see the employment section for current openings as we willl have additional openings shortly.  We look forward to having you become a part of our team!

I Have Never Shot Before - Is This For Me?

Yes! Whether you are a new shooter or an expert our facility is made for you. We will offer entry classes (including ladies only classes) and private instruction in an educational and non intimidating manner. For experienced shooters who want to progress their skills we have a wide variety of training including advanced classes, tactical training and one-on-one training.  Our aim is to offer a professional and friendly customer experience to everyone.

Do I Need To Have My Own Firearm?

We will have a wide assortment of over 70 different handguns and long guns for you to rent so no need to worry if you don’t own a gun or if you are from out of town and would like to shoot.

Can I Recover My Brass?

Our feeling is that its your brass so feel free to recover it.  Just remember we want to keep everyone safe so you can’t go past the firing line to retrieve it and may occasionally lose a few rounds.

I Detest Waiting. Can I Make A Reservation?

Our online reservation system is currently only available for Keystone Shooting Center members.

Do You Buy Used Guns?

We buy and sell used guns on a regular basis.  If you are wanting to sell a fire arm bring it into the store and we’ll make you a fair offer.  And of course if you are a buyer you’ll know that buying a used gun is a great value.

Is The Range Just For Pistols Or Can I Shoot A Rifle Too?

The range is made for both rifles and pistols.  Feel free to bring in your AR or any of your other favorite rifles.  In fact the range can even take 50 caliber BMG. Howerver, no tracer, incendiary, steel cored or penetrating ammo is allowed.

Are binary triggers allowed?

Rapid fire is a general term used to reduce the amount of uncontrolled fire you often see at the ranges. We regularly change our wall and ceiling sound dampeners because someone attempted to pull the trigger as fast as possible to see the destructive results. We want to provide you and our members with the nicest range around, so we limit the amount of uncontrolled fire. We understand the logistical training of double taps and sustained fire, please respect our Range Rules and our Safety Officers as they are present for everyone’s safety. If you still want to rapid fire please schedule a non-peak time with one of our managers to come in and we can put you in a separate bay with one of our RSO’s.

Can you bring your own targets?

Yes! You can bring your own or you can purchase targets at the range.

Can I test a firearm before I purchase it?

If you rent a firearm and purchase it you won’t be charged for the rental. Frequently people that intend to purchase a firearm try 2 or 3 different firearms that are comparable and see what they like the best. We always comp (no charge) the rental if you purchase a firearm as we want you to find the best firearm for you. The purchase of a firearm is a highly individual thing and the best way to find the right firearm is to try it. Thanks for a very good question.

The absolute best place to buy and shoot guns in the wider Pittsburgh area. This place is light years ahead from any other gun store. The level of service is impeccable, employees will get out of their way to help and accommodate, and the facilities are 5 star hotel equivalent. There is always an experienced employee supervising all three shooting ranges and they are there to assist in case of a jam or malfunction. This is really a place we are fortunate to have in the area. I now have a membership and recently had a 1-1 class with Mike helping me with my technique. He was unbelievably helpful and cordial. This is a 5 star place.

Felix M.

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