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Format: Tournament
Caliber: 9mm only, 6″ barrel maximum
Ammo: Frangible ammo required, purchased from Keystone Shooting Center
Provided: Handguns, magazines (if needed), & fun!
$19.99 Member Discounts Apply
Non Members-$29.99

The Keystone Steel City Shootout is a tournament type format. An array of steel target stations must be cleared as well as a bonus target for everyone that clears all the targets. New and exciting targets and target configurations will be added randomly to keep each event different and challenging. You must shoot from the designated area for each target station.  The new version of the KSC Steel City Shootout allows you to sign up for group blocks. Show up 15 minutes before your designated time and hit the steel without the wait!

The winner will be the person with the lowest adjusted time. There will be a penalty adjustment for each uncleared target, so it will be possible to win without clearing all the targets. The maximum time limit is 2 minutes for shooting your 3 magazines of 50 rounds total. Timing will begin with the first shot and continue to the final shot.

Keystone Shooting Center will provide 4 rental guns for use if you do not wish to use your own. A Glock 19x, Glock 17, Sig Sauer M17, and a Sig Sauer 320 will be available for use. You may only load 50 rounds in 3 magazines (17 rounds, 17rounds, and 16 rounds into the 3 mags). You may shoot your 3 magazines in any order. You may also bring your own handgun if prefer, but you are not allowed to use higher capacity magazines that the aforementioned setup. We want to equalize the playing field as much as possible.

*Under no circumstance will outside ammo be allowed as we must ensure safety as we are shooting steel targets.

**Frangible ammunition must be purchased at Keystone Shooting Center. Ammunition is not included in tournament price.


As somebody that is completely new to shooting, this place was a great place to start. The sales staff is friendly, courteous, patient, and willing to answer any questions that you may have. The same can be said about the ROs.

Matt W.

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