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As a parent, you want your child to have fun, but you also want them to stay as safe as possible. Your child or teen might long to join you on your next hunting or shooting range trip, but first, you need to make sure they’re thoroughly prepared and understand the seriousness of handling a firearm. If you’re looking for the best youth rifle training for your daughter or son, look no further than Keystone Shooting Center.

We’ve designed a 2-hour rifle training course specifically for older kids and teens ages 10-16. The class is designed to introduce a new shooter to firearm safety. By the end of the program, your child will know how to shoot their rifle, how to carry and handle their firearm safely and how to employ situational awareness skills when around a gun.

About Our Youth Rifle Training Class

Rifle shooting can be an engaging sport for people of any age, but many child injuries and deaths have resulted from a lack of knowledge about firearms and gun safety. To keep our local children safe and provide them with skills they’ll enjoy for a lifetime, Keystone Shooting Center offers a rifle safety training course tailored specifically to youth.

Our youth rifle class was created to teach children and teens to handle firearms properly and safely. This course includes a block of instruction followed by a live fire on the range.

During instruction time, students will learn under the guidance of our firearms experts, who will teach how to handle a gun safely, what to do with an unattended firearm and some basic shooting techniques. Then, students will head to the range to put these techniques into practice under the careful eye of our staff. Each course is designed to excite and engage children while at the same time relaying the seriousness of firearm safety.

One parent may attend the course with their child. We ask this parent to stay with their child or teen throughout the course’s entirety.

Classes will take place before business hours in order to ensure there are minimal distractions. Each course will utilize a Savage Bolt Action Rifle, or your child may bring their own.

Why Take Your Child to a Youth Rifle Training Class?

Whether your child is already a hunting or shooting enthusiast, or you just want to be sure they understand the importance of staying safe around the guns in your home, any child should have a basic understanding of proper firearm handling. The benefits of teaching your child gun safety through our expert instructors are numerous.

Children and teens are naturally curious, but this inquisitive nature can take a dangerous turn if they try to examine a firearm on their own without the proper training. Instead, our rifle training course satisfies their curiosity in the safest way possible – in the presence of you and our world-class firearm instructors.

Even if your child or teen has already started shooting, there’s always more they – and you – can learn. As well as safety tips, we also teach kids to hone their shooting skills. Your child will learn to aim better and fire more accurately during the program’s hands-on range time.

Book a Rifle Safety Training Course for Kids in Pittsburgh, PA

Gift your child with a unique experience they’ll cherish for a lifetime at Keystone Shooting Center. Located in Mars, PA, our veteran owned and operated facility is one of the top shooting destinations in the country. We offer expert instruction and a friendly, service-first attitude to make your child’s youth rifle training course an enjoyable adventure.

Contact us online or by phone at (412) 357-8000 for more information, or book your youth rifle class now.


Great place to shoot your own gun or try a new one from their selection of rentable firearms(including fully automatic weapons). They have a very nice range and a couple rentable party rooms. Huge selection of pistols, rifles, knives and attachments and accessories for all. I will definately be returning with my friends. This was one of the first ranges in the area I chose to go to and I seems like this may be the only one I will be going to in the future. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Austin P.

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