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Firearms are in many of our homes and it is likely your child has a curiosity and level of interest in firearms. At Keystone Shooting Center, we offer an informative Youth Pistol Course structured to emphasize the correct safety practices and proper uses of firearms. We hope to arm your child with the skills and knowledge to protect themselves and others from gun-related accidents.

The Importance of Signing Your Child Up for a Pistol Safety Class

Many people fall back on the old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind,” shielding their children from firearms altogether for their protection. However, this becomes ineffective when guns appear in all aspects of life. We see them in movies, read about them in the news and can even buy variations of them in stores as children’s toys.

Teaching your children how to handle a firearm safely may seem counterintuitive to parents, especially if you don’t own a gun. However, a basic understanding of key principles can go a long way toward reducing accidents if they do encounter a firearm. Pistol safety classes are valuable resources allowing kids to satisfy their curiosity, build confidence and understand how to act when they see a gun.

How Keystone Shooting Center Can Help

At Keystone Shooting Center, we believe the best way to keep your children safe around firearms is to remove the mystery behind them. We can help you do that throughout our two-hour Youth Pistol training course, which introduces the student to firearm safety and handgun familiarization.

While we restrict this course to children ages 12 and up, this is intended only for minors who have shown a level of maturity, as deemed by parents. So, we encourage you to use your best judgment when deciding whether your child is ready to respect the content provided in the course.

Like all of our youth courses, our goal with this class is to provide a safe setting for children to explore the pistol — learning about how it works and how to maintain and use it properly. There will be an hour session within the classroom, designed to outline crucial safety procedures your children should understand. Students will then head to the range for a live instruction with one of our certified instructors. They’ll have the chance to hold and fire a pistol, giving them an up-close view of the proper precautions and procedures they should follow when handling a loaded firearm.

This class is held prior to our facility being open to the public and is considered a private instructor training. This way, your child will have our instructor’s undivided attention, ensuring they’re protected and free to ask as many questions as they like. For parents’ peace of mind, legal guardians must attend the class with their child.

Enroll in Our Youth Pistol Course Today

We understand how tricky it can be to introduce firearms to your children, even if you own them yourself. At Keystone Shooting Center, we strive to take some of the weight off your shoulders, providing a secure space to allow your child to familiarize themselves with firearms. Through our child pistol safety class, we hope to highlight the significance of safe firearm handling procedures and teach your children to respect firearms throughout all applications.

If you want to learn more about our youth course, you can give us a call at (412) 357-8000 or contact us online to speak with one of our instructors. Check out the availability for our safety classes and register your child today!


I’ve gone from first-time visitor to a regular in a short period of time. Half the employees know my face the moment I walk in, and every single one is polite, professional, and knowledgeable. Better yet, they all bring someone different to the table.

The selection of firearms is top notch most days (though a little lacking due to recent events and a huge uptick in new gun buyers). The range is great, if a bit expensive, and the gunsmith could be more aptly labeled a gunwizard—they really know their stuff.

For vets and first-time shooters alike, Keystone is the place to go.

Jarrett E

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