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Keystone Shooting Center is proud to welcome women of any experience level to our indoor shooting facility – even those who have never shot a gun before. But we understand that, as a new female shooter, you might not yet feel comfortable at the range among your male counterparts.

We’ve developed our women-only basic handgun training class to encourage you to hone your skills in the most comfortable environment possible. You’ll learn and practice among other women at your skill level who are as passionate about the shooting sports as you are.

The basic handgun class is perfect for both new and experienced shooters. This class is taught in a three-hour session. It is designed for people that have limited shooting or no shooting experience, but is also a great refresher for the more experienced shooter. Keystone Shooting will provide a firearm if you need one at no extra charge, but feel free to bring your own gun if you like.

The class will involve both classroom and range time with the emphasis on actual shooting and handling of a firearm. It will focus on fundamentals including stance, grip, breath control and trigger control. By the end of the class, you will be able to shoot safely, comfortably and with confidence.

Learning Outcomes of Our Basic Handgun Training Class for Women

Whether you want to learn fundamental handgun skills to use on the shooting range or just for self-defense, our basic handgun training gives you the knowledge and practical abilities you need. You’ll learn under the guidance of friendly instructors who will work with you to make you feel completely comfortable at our indoor range.

Ladies learn a variety of handgun-related topics during our three-hour women-only sessions, including:

Fundamental firearm safety: Before shooting any type of firearm at the range, it’s essential to understand the basic rules concerning gun safety. Our instructors are here to help you stay completely safe during your instruction time and into the future with tips on how to handle, load, unload and store your gun.
Operation: Learn about your firearm’s parts, how it operates, how to load and unload it, its ammunition and other topics surrounding its performance.
Shooting basics: During our range time, we’ll teach you how to stand correctly when shooting, how to hold your firearm, how to aim and other fundamentals of marksmanship.
Shooting drills: After learning shooting basics, you’ll put your knowledge into practice with a range of shooting drills. Our instructors will watch and guide you the entire time so that you can feel entirely safe and confident in your shooting abilities.
If you’d like to use your own firearm, feel free to bring 50 rounds of your preferred ammunition. Otherwise, you can use our facility-supplied firearms and ammunition. We’ll also provide eye and ear protection for each student.

Benefits of a Ladies-Only Basic Handgun Training Class

When you join a basic handgun course specifically for women, you gain more than just increased knowledge of your firearm. You’ll find a host of benefits, including:

Increased confidence: Boost your confidence in yourself and your abilities. A basic handgun course encourages you to try something different and learn a new talent you can enjoy. When you take a basic women-only class, you can learn new skills without feeling self-conscious about your abilities or skill level.
Improved self-defense skills: Many women worry about protecting themselves or their loved ones in the event of a crisis. Learning how to shoot correctly can ease these fears. We can help you improve your shooting skills as well as answer any questions you might have about self-defense shooting laws during your time at the range.
Companionship: Like any other type of instruction program, shooting classes are a great way to meet other women like you in the Pittsburgh area who share a desire to learn more about the shooting sports. Many ladies who take a women-only shooting course enjoy lifelong friendships with their classmates.
Enjoy World-Class Basic Handgun Instruction for Women Outside of Pittsburgh

Learning to shoot is engaging, exciting and just plain fun! Feel the rush of firing your first handgun or hone your existing skills with Keystone Shooting Center’s basic handgun training class for women. As one of the top shooting destinations in the country, our goal is to make each person feel at home in our service-oriented facility.

Discover the thrill of handgun shooting in a comfortable learning environment. Sign up for your women-only handgun course today, or contact us online or at (412) 357-8000 for more information.


This facility is top notch. The staff there is knowledgeable and spent time researching what works and doesn’t work for shooting ranges. They have the top of the line technology, great staff, and a positive environment. They also foster safety and offer classes enabling those apprehensive or new to the gun world a safe and comfortable environment to learn in.

Bud N.

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