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What Does Class 3 NFA Mean?

When dealing with firearms regulated under the National Firearms Act (NFA), the term Class 3 refers to Federal Firearms Licensees (FFL) who have paid special taxes to become a third-tier Special Occupational Taxpayer (SOT). The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) regulates NFA firearms, devices and accessories and restricts the sale, manufacturing and import of specific FFL dealers. 

While FFL dealers are commonly thought to be required to obtain special Class 3 NFA licenses, these licenses don’t exist. Instead, FFL dealers wanting to buy and sell NFA firearms must acquire a Class 3 SOT. This tax permit streamlines a dealer’s process, enabling them to pay a single annual fee instead of a tax with every purchase. 

Types of NFA Firearms Class 3 SOT Dealers Sell

NFA firearms, known as Title II firearms, became regulated in 1934. These firearms and devices include: 

  • Machine guns: Any firearm that shoots, is designed to shoot or can be altered to shoot automatically with a single trigger operation without manual reloading. 
  • Short-barreled shotguns: Shotguns with a barrel less than 18 inches long or an overall length less than 26 inches. 
  • Short-barreled rifles: Rifles with an overall length of less than 26 inches or a barrel length of less than 16 inches. 
  • Destructive devices: Any explosives, incendiaries, poison gases or projectile firearms with a bore diameter greater than half an inch, like grenades, rockets, bombs or flare launchers. 
  • Silencers: Devices designed to reduce the sound of a portable firearm. 
  • Any other weapon (AOW): A catch-all term for devices that can be concealed on a person and fired with the energy of an explosive. 

How to Purchase NFA Firearms

Citizens can purchase NFA firearms through FFL dealers with Class 3 SOT permits despite their restrictions. Some items, like silencers, are illegal to own in some states. However, you can purchase most NFA firearms quite easily. 

After finding a certified dealer and selecting your desired firearm, you must obtain approval from the ATF. This approval comes as a tax stamp, which you can receive after submitting the ATF Form 4, paying a $200 tax and passing background checks. It can usually take around 10 months or longer to get everything together before obtaining your firearm. 

Buy Your NFA Firearm From a Class 3 SOT Dealer

Keystone Shooting Center is the best place to purchase an NFA firearm in Pittsburgh. We are a certified NFA dealer with vast experience in helping individuals find and purchase the right Title II firearm for their situation. We maintain an extensive selection of guns and ammunition online and in our store. 

Our team has years of experience dealing with NFA firearms and is ready to guide you through the process. You can browse our shop online or stop by our superstore in Pittsburgh to get started today. 

Staff was extremely friendly, especially to first time shooters. Friendly and welcoming for people of different genders and races as well. Very wide selection of pistols to choose from. Good value and very high quality range.

Walter D

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