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Investing in a firearm is an exciting undertaking. It’s the start of a new adventure, regardless of why you’re choosing to purchase one. However, with this excitement comes a significant responsibility to yourself and those around you. You should work hard to understand local laws and train properly to ensure you’re taking the necessary precautions to learn everything you need to know as a gun owner.

As you purchase a gun for yourself, there are essential considerations to help you make informed decisions and find the ideal firearm for you.

Is It a Good Idea to Buy a Gun?

While many people are unfamiliar or unsure about firearms, these tools can offer responsible gun owners extreme advantages and opportunities to enjoy themselves.

You might consider buying a gun for protection or to learn a new skill. People around the country invest time and money into guns because they’ve decided it fits their lifestyles. If you’re interested in any of the following ideas, you may benefit from purchasing a firearm for yourself:

  • Protection: When law enforcement is minutes away but seconds matter, you may need to rely on lethal force to protect yourself or your family from threats.
  • Exercise your rights: At the end of the day, it’s your Second Amendment right to own and carry a firearm — an idea established long before today.
  • Hunting: Hunting can be more than a thrilling hobby, offering endless ways to connect with nature and provide for your family.
  • Enjoyable hobby: Sometimes guns are just good fun to shoot at the range, leading you to meet all sorts of interesting and friendly gun enthusiasts.
  • Competitive sport: Many people love to satisfy their competitive edge by entering competitions and challenging other gun owners for fun prizes and trophies.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying a Gun?

Whether you’re seeking greater protection, want to start hunting or just looking to get involved in a new hobby, your choices are almost endless. Whatever your reason, it’s vital to recognize that you’re taking on a significant responsibility that deserves uninterrupted care and attention.

There are many types of guns out there that you can use for a range of purposes. This wide selection may be overwhelming for many at first glance, but taking the process one step at a time is essential. Before anything else, you should think about why you want a gun. A defined purpose will allow you to narrow your search and get closer to finding the perfect choice for your application. From there, you can make decisions based on preferences, ammunition and more.

Before purchasing your first gun, it may help to keep the following tips in mind to enhance your gun buying experience:

  • Do your research: Conducting thorough research should be your number one priority to familiarize yourself with the types of guns, ammunitions and what each is used for. Browse online, visit our knowledgeable representatives at the Keystone Shooting Center, and talk with reliable gun owners to learn everything you can about the firearms you may be interested in.
  • Find a gun you’re comfortable with: All guns feel and operate differently. A gun that works for one person won’t necessarily be a good fit for someone else, so it’s crucial to spend some time with guns in hand. You should get a good feel for things like weight, size and maneuverability.  At Keystone Shooting Center, you can try a wide variety of firearms from our rental wall to find the right firearm for you.
  • Perfection doesn’t exist: You should take everything you learn during your research with a grain of salt. The opinions you encounter aren’t strict rules you must follow. The key is finding the perfect gun for what you need, regardless of how online forums feel about it.
  • Ask questions: If you’re a new gun owner, you probably won’t know everything there is to learn about firearms right away — but someone out there does. While shopping around, ask the experts as many questions as possible. Getting in touch with the right people will help you make the best decisions and prepare you for life as a gun owner.  You may also consider a one-on-one session with a qualified and knowledgeable instructor to teach you gun safety, technique, and assist you in finding the perfect firearm for your needs.
  • Choose a well-known, trusted brand: As a first-time gun owner, you shouldn’t stray too far off the beaten path of the top, trusted brands. While you should keep a budget in mind, you should never invest in a firearm based on the price alone.

Can I Try a Gun Before Buying?

Gun ownership is a very individualistic experience. You’ll find many guns on the market, though not all of them will fit your needs perfectly. Every gun has different purposes, handling, weights and more, from pistols to shotguns to rifles. That’s what makes it essential to try more than one gun out at a shooting range to assess different characteristics of its functioning — ensuring it’s the right one for you.

Gun ranges and stores allow you to take guns off the shelf and put them to the test to find the firearm that you’re most comfortable with. Before committing to anything, you should consider attributes such as weight, ergonomics, size, trigger, sights, magazine release and slide manipulation. Each of these factors varies from person to person, feeling unique in every hand they occupy.

At Keystone Shooting Center, we let our customers get potential guns in hand and put them to the test before buying. You can rent two or three similar models and if you walk away with a purchase, we’ll cover the rental fees. We want to ensure you have the time and the resources to find the perfect gun for your intended use.

Purchase Your New Gun at Keystone Shooting Center

Keystone Shooting Center is a veteran-owned firearm superstore, fully-equipped with a climate-controlled shooting range. We maintain the most extensive firearms inventory in the Pittsburgh area, offering more than 500 new models for sale, with tons of used options, too. Our staff will make you feel at home whenever you visit our center.

Interested in buying a gun for yourself? Visit us in Mars, Pennsylvania, or shop with us online today. Feel free to contact our professionals with any questions to help you find the best gun for your needs. 

By far the best indoor range I have ever been to. Beats everything else in Pittsburgh by a longshot!
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