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This pistol league is geared towards any level of shooter, and hosted at our shooting range. Our bullseye league is a little different in that it is for any centerfire pistol!

Keystone Shooting Center will provide the targets and score the session. You will be able to shoot anytime from Monday through Friday with flexible times starting Monday, January 18th at 10am. The League will run 6 weeks and we will use the best 5 scores so if you aren’t able to shoot on one of the weeks, no need to fret.

You are allowed one make-up session if you are unable to make it to one of the scheduled weeks. You are permitted to shoot 2 sessions the following week as a make-up session. We have tried to be flexible so that shooters with a busy schedule will have the flexibility to participate.

The course of fire for the weekly competition will be shot in three stages, plus a warm-up, for a total of 6 qualifying rounds. The stages are: Warm-up and Slow Fire, Timed Fire, and Rapid Fire. An unlimited number of rounds may be fired in the 5-minute Warm-up stage prior to your record shoot.

  • Laser Sights and magnified sights are not permitted
  • Open sights and non-magnified red-dot sights are acceptable
  • Warm Up: Shoot as many rounds as you want. 5 minutes to get honed in and ready. You are allowed to shoot two handed.
  • Slow Fire: You have 10 minutes to complete 2 flights of 5 shots each.
  • Timed Fire: 2 flights of 5 shots and you have 20 seconds per flight
  • Rapid Fire: 2 flights of 5 shots and you have 10 seconds for each flight

Prizes will be awarded for the top shots!


Excellent, knowledgeable staff. High quality range and equipment. Fare pricing. In stock Ammo and parts. Enjoy!

Brian F

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