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Valentines Day Couples Basic Handgun Course

This Valentines Day – Bring your significant other in for an all-inclusive night of Hors d’œuvres and Sparkling Cider as we go through our Basic Handgun Course. Instructing on handgun nomenclature and saftey fundementals. Then accompany our Range Cadre onto the range for some instructional shooting and development. Your firearm and two boxes of .22 ammunition will be provided for your experience.

One registration fee of $159.99 covers you and your significant other.

The basic handgun class is perfect for both novice and experienced shooters. This class is taught in a two-hour block in one session. It is designed for people who have limited shooting or no shooting experience.

The class will involve both classroom and range time with the emphasis on actual shooting and handling of a firearm. It will focus on fundamentals including stance, grip, breath control and trigger control. By the end of the class, you will be able to safely shoot comfortably and with confidence.


Our basic handgun course is designed to teach new shooters the knowledge and practical skills necessary for safety and success. Experienced shooters will also enjoy this class as a great refresher course. This two-hour session is broken into three parts:

  • Classroom instruction: You’ll start in the classroom, where you’ll first learn handgun safety. You’ll also learn more about the basics of shooting a handgun, such as how to operate your weapon, how to load and unload, how to stand and grip correctly and other fundamentals of operation and shooting.
  • Instructor demonstration: After learning the theoretical knowledge behind your handgun, your instructor will show you how to apply this knowledge at the range. During this part of the course, the instructor will demonstrate proper stance, grip and other basics while shooting at a target.
  • Student participation: Once you watch your instructor demonstrate the skills you’ll need for safe and accurate shooting, you can put your learning to the test. Each student will practice firing at shooting range targets. You’ll stay safe under the watchful eye of your instructor, who can then provide practical tips to help you further improve.
    Expert, friendly, instructors teach each course with easy-to-follow directions and a service-oriented attitude, helping you feel comfortable throughout your time at the range. You’ll leave with increased confidence in your abilities and skills you can use for a lifetime.


Whether you’ve never fired a handgun or you want to improve your existing abilities, basic handgun instruction can provide numerous benefits to shooters of all experience levels. By taking a basic handgun course, you can:

  • Familiarize yourself with your firearm: If you’re a new gun owner, getting to know your firearm before trying to shoot is essential – particularly if you plan to use it for self-defense. Basic handgun training classes help you become more familiar with your weapon so that you can stay safe and confident when you use it.
  • Develop your skills: Even if you’ve already spent time at the gun range, a basic handgun class can teach you to improve your skills from a beginner level like no other experience. Our experts offer insider tips to make your shots as accurate as possible.
  • Have fun: Shooting a handgun with other beginning shooters is fun! There’s no pressure to master the range – just pure excitement and companionship among people like you.

A basic handgun course helps you improve your skills and learn more about your weapon. If you’re looking for the best handgun instruction in the Pittsburgh region, look no further than Keystone Shooting Center.

As one of the country’s top shooting destinations, we offer the skilled instruction and vast resources you need to excel at the range. Trust our experts to provide a fun and safe atmosphere where you can hone your shooting skills.

Sign up for one of our classes today, or contact us at (412) 357-8000 to request more information.

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Excellent, knowledgeable staff. High quality range and equipment. Fare pricing. In stock Ammo and parts. Enjoy!

Brian F

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